Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kayaking at sunset...

At sunset we put our kayaks into Seven Tree pond. Four of us slid onto the water on the first hot night of this cool summer. (I can't claim this photograph, I am hesitant to take my camera out on the water. I borrowed it from:

Silver fish breached the surface of the glass smooth water, and mist hung close over the meadows and trees that skirted the lake. A flock of Canada Geese winged loudly by, and bats dipped silently over our heads, then away in a blink. Our conversation and laughter echoed around us.

The sun painted the western sky in pastels, and a full moon rose through a smudge of low hanging clouds. It was dark when we beached the boats... I finished the evening with a quick wade into the lake to keep me cool into the evening.

Busy days click by faster than I wish. Somehow an evening paddling in the mist with friends has the magical ability to slow time.

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