Monday, August 31, 2009

Sharing food...

My herb garden was really nice this year. In the last two weeks, however, my parsley and dill plants have been decimated. The culprit? This swallow tail butterfly Caterpillar and a half a dozen of his friends. I had plenty to share, and don't begrudge them the herbs. Much.

Speaking of sharing... last night we had dinner with our good friends. Here in Maine there is quite a culture of raising ones own food. Last nights meal consisted of:
Roast chicken (raised by my friends)
Mashed potatoes (made with fresh milk, from my friends cow)
Green beans (yup, from the garden!)
tomatoes and cucumbers sliced up with onions and chives (all grown by one of us)
Baked Jarlsberg dip (onions from my garden)

In this case the friends did most of the raising of the food, we did most of the cooking... but between the four of us we prepared a meal which consisted of very little grocery store food. And really, it was all simply delicious.

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Jeannine said...

for *years* I had the hobby of collecting caterpillars, feeding them & setting them free...I LOVE metamorphosis!!!! I had ginormous moths I overwintered, etc...Swallow tails were alwaysone of my faves & I cannot entice them here, no matter how much food I tempt them with!!! Snag one & put him in a decent size jar or tank with a STICK... it's cheaper to buy parsley or even carrot can watch them spin & ultimately watch the MAGIC !!!! Swallow tails have a really short turn-around time!!!!