Monday, March 8, 2010

Atlanta Pet Fair

I am home after my annual weekend trip to "Hot-lanta." The Pet Fair show was packed with vendors and attendees. It is such fun to see friends that I only see at the shows, hugs and laughter abound. A funny bunch of women made sport all weekend by teasing some of us who are "known," in our industry. Every time they would see one of us they would scream like star struck teens, "OH MY GAWD! It's ____" (fill in the name of the person they were kidding.) At one point I entered a packed elevator. This group of ladies was in the back. In ear piercing glee they shouted, "OH MY GAWD, IT'S DARYL CONNER!!" Everyone in the elevator stared at me as my face turned several fetching shades of pink. Sheesh.

I picked up my new puppy while I was there. I will take a photo of her today and post a blog about her travel adventures. There will also be an announcement of her name. Hint; it is a descriptive word that suits her down to her dime sized paws.

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