Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Surpised myself!

Last fall I bought some daffodil, tulip, hyacinth and crocus bulbs. I have quite a few daffodils and tulips in my yard already, but desperately wanted crocus (because they bloom so very early and bring such promise) and hyacinths (because they remind me of the day my daughter was born, and they smell the way I think heaven might.)

This spring I was messing about in the garage and noticed bags of unplanted bulbs there amongst the stuff piled about. I was so mad at myself! Why, oh WHY didn't I plant those bulbs last fall? What a waste. Surely there was a fine, crisp day when I could have eked out a few moments to put those smooth bulbs deep into the cool soil so they would cheer us in the last cold days of the season. I have fretted about it, berating myself.

Today as I left for work my eyes were attracted to some early green in the garden by the door, (Maine people call it "the dooryard.") I looked hard... and there I saw the sprouts of crocus and hyacinths! Hooray for me! I didn't plant ALL the bulbs I bought, but I managed to get some in the ground on a day last fall that surely was fine. I am not beating myself up any more. I am waiting happily for the bulbs to bloom, fragrant and bright. Signs of spring and life, and a happy reward for work forgotten.

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