Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We gave her roots, we gave her wings...

We gave her roots, we gave her wings. She has everything she needs. And it is ALL wedged into this small car.

This morning Rachel and most everything she owns pulled out of the driveway and headed south. Tomorrow, (if all goes as planned) she will reach Asheville, North Carolina. Her big adventure has begun.

It was a bittersweet day for her daddy and me. We love this child with every fibre of our beings. Part of us would love nothing more than to keep her here, under our watchful eyes, safe and warm and fed and cared for. The other part of us is rejoicing as we watch her spread her wings and take off to create a life of her own.

At dawn I was striding across my yard; filling bird feeders, watching the dogs, taking care of chickens. It is a slice of my every day that I treasure. I was thinking, as I went about my routine, how much I love my life. This life I have chosen and worked for and created. This is not the life Rachel wants. It is the life I want. And now it is time for her to find a life that brings her joy.

I wish for her clear skies and dreams fulfilled and adventures. I will miss her like fury as I watch her go, and grow.


solarity said...

May good fortune follow Rachel wherever she goes.

Mary Anne in Kentucky, (her List Aunt)

Sandy Blackburn said...

It's so sad to watch our babies leave the nest...everyone tells you how fast they grow up, and you don't believe it until you turn around and boom there they are...all grown up.