Monday, March 8, 2010


Meet "Flirt!"
In this photo you see Poppy the pug, who is a very small pug, a svelt 15 pound girl with stubby legs. Beside her, the new addition, "Flirt." This girl named herself by her face forward, devil-may-care, never meets a stranger attitude. She loves EVERYONE and thinks everyone should love her back. As you can see from this photo, Lilly the boxer could be thinking that she'd love to taste a morsel as dainty as this! (Actually, Lilly has been quite fine with the new baby so far.)

This is the tiniest dog I've ever had. She weighs in, at 12 weeks, at a whopping 2.25 pounds. She was a trouper at the pet fair, letting people hold and pet her, using piddle pads in the hotel with much accuracy and sleeping through the night in a nice Hilton bed as if it was what she was born for. And air travel? No problem. She rode in her classy red bag with her baby blanket and her soft toy without a peep of protest. At the New Jersey layover she used the ladies room (I had piddle pads with me) with ease. Then a snack and a sip and off we went for the second leg of our trip to Maine.

I think she is a star.


The Dotted Dog said...

I agree! A star is born! Her name is perfect! She's a
little flirt!

Patricia said...

She's adorable! How could you not fall in love with her and add her to the family?! Her name fits her perfectly.