Sunday, March 28, 2010


In November when Smooch the Pug had some serious health issues, I took the plunge and began to feed my pack of dogs a 100% raw food diet. This means that they eat raw chicken, beef, pork, etc. with some bone and some organ meats as well. They LOVE the food, and the health problem has been solved. There are other wonderful benefits, too... the dogs breath is no longer of the variety that peels paint and all of them have lovely clean teeth with no tarter build up. There are lots of other good things, but I won't bore you here.

I took this photo when I fed the dogs last. I had handed Lilly the old Boxer about 1/2 of a chicken. She hauled it to the yard to eat it away from the other dogs. As she ripped and gnawed at the meat, the flock of Wyandotte's descended upon her, snatching up any small bits of chicken that she dropped. The dog ate chicken. The chickens ate chicken. It was all rather macabre.

Footnote: My funny husband says, "It's going to be a bad day when the dogs figure out that the chickens are made out of chicken."

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