Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Today's after work effort...

I've been looking for kitchen canisters that were clear, had a wide mouth, were pretty and NOT too expensive. My search was recently rewarded at a TJMaxx store in Augusta, Maine. Two boxes of THE canisters I had been looking for were there, with no price tags to be seen. I asked the surly (yet attractive) sales woman about the price. She looked at another package of canisters, ugly ones, small ones, but with the pleasing price of $7.99. She said, "Those are ALSO $7.99. SOLD! Tonight I set up a little baking center on the antique gate leg table. Bread flour, white flour, whole wheat flour, sugar, brown sugar and corn meal are all safely and attractively housed in my new treasures. My beloved Kitchen Aid mixer stands ready for our next baking adventure. The entire tableau makes me smile with happy baking anticipation.

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