Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday...

21 years ago today I was part of a miracle. I became a mother. Chris and I became a family. All because we brought a very small baby into the world, and named her Rachel and loved her loved her with every fibre of our beings.

The ensuing years flew past just as quickly as everyone warned us they would. A happy blur of kisses and cuddles and firsts. First smiles,first steps, first words, (in order: 1.) Mama, 2.) Shit, 3.)Dada.) There was Montessori school and braces and accidents and triumphs. There were giggles, splashing in puddles, dancing in the rain, believing in fairies. There were conversations with God and about everything. There were a thousand books read and too many songs sung to count. There were trips and camping and pets and toys and friends and epic birthday parties. There were tears to dry and hurts to comfort and joys to share. And oh! we have been a happy little family.

21 years ago today I was part of a miracle. And it continues as I watch my "baby" continue to grow and blossom. It has been such a privilege to be part of this big adventure!

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