Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Love in stitches...

My sister in law, Brenda, is one of those people who gives. Endlessly. She gives of her time and of her self and of her home. And she gives love... in stitches.
Brenda makes quilts. Beautiful quilts made with quality fabric in rainbows of colors. She makes them for her kids and her grand kids and other special people. And she made one for us.

It was in a big box on the deck, tucked close to the door, safe from the pelting rain. I wasn't EXPECTING a quilt... who would expect such a gift... but when I saw that big box my heart skipped a beat. I had the tape sliced in seconds, and gasped when I saw a quilt made in my favorite colors-soft blues, buttery yellows and bright white. The pattern is called Cornflower Fields. Brenda did the machine quilting freehand in blue thread, creating an intricate pattern that shows particularly beautifully on the white quilt back.

And there it is, the sort of gift that makes us wonder how we could be special enough to be worthy of it. A gift filled with love that has warmed us already, and will continue to warm us for years to come.

My sister in law, Brenda... is one of those people who makes the world a better, kinder, prettier and cozier place. I am so lucky.

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