Monday, May 30, 2016


I am sorry. I should not post so much about my new puppy, but I am compelled.

After a chilly morning, the afternoon was warm and sunny. I thought it would be a good time to introduce Bravo to water.  I got the idea after he was enchanted by the water from the hose when I was giving the plants a drink.

We parked the truck at the boat ramp of Sennebec Pond.  Just as I got out, a car sped by and honked its horn. I looked to see what they were tooting at and it was this... a fox, trotting down the road.  He barely glanced at us as he went past, and we were so surprised we forgot to take a picture until he was well beyond us.

Bravo never noticed him and bounced happily to the waters edge on the end of his leash.  There he met a new friend.

He sniffed around happily. Then put his front feet in the water.
I waded in, up to my ankles. I offered him a cookie to come to me.  He did.  In one leap he was belly deep in the cool water.

He got back to dry land as soon as he could.  He was not anxious to go back into the water, but neither was he terribly concerned.

More sniffing and frolicking in the sand.  Then home for supper and a snuggle.  He is such a fun puppy.

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Cheryl and Phil said...

Daryl - no such thing as "too much puppy!"