Monday, May 30, 2016

Old and new...

Little Bravo is proving to be an extraordinary puppy.  I've raised my share of pups, and this one is unique. He is very calm. Of course, all baby animals sleep a lot, and he is no exception, but he tucks himself into the little pen I put up for him in the kitchen when he is weary and stays there, snoozing, for hours on end.  He has had very few potty accidents, and is learning the routine of the house quickly.

I enrolled him in puppy class immediately, and he is a quick study.  He already knows how to sit, down, touch my hand with his nose, spin in a circle, give a "high five," and go to his kennel on command. 

All the dogs like him, and that is a gift. It is particularly adorable to see him with Dutch, the wonderful Golden.  She is pretty much the perfect dog, and he emulates her.  Laying where she lays, playing with a ball when she does, running in the field in her wake.

There is something so poignant about seeing that wise, gray muzzled face snuggled up next to the innocent, youthful little guy.  He has much to learn in the coming months, and many teachers.

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