Monday, May 16, 2016

Bravo comes to FairWinds...

We drove to pick our new puppy up yesterday. It's a long drive, nearly 3 hours. Luckily we love to take rides together.  We grabbed a little lunch on the way, and arrived at our destination around 2:30. The puppies had just woken up from a nap and were outside in a pen getting some fresh air and sunshine.

They separated Bravo from the pack and he and his pretty mama tussled about.
The breeder gave me important papers and I gave her some cash, and then the culmination of months of happy anticipation was in my arms, kissing my face.
He was a bit restless in the car at first, panting and squirming.  After a while he lay across my chest with his sweet little chin on shoulder.  He heaved a very large sigh for such a very small puppy and slept the rest of the way home.

When we arrived here I took him right out to the back yard.  He piddled and pooped fast, then explored all around, his tail up, confident and happy.  "Here I am!" he seemed to say.  "What shall we do next?"  We introduced him to the dogs, one at a time.  All was well.  He ran up to a group of chickens, gave them a look, then bounded back to me.  I took him inside and fixed him supper.  He ate it right down,and took a long drink. Then he found the big dog bed by the wood stove (which we had lit, even though it is May, because it was chilly with a nasty wind blowing.)  He took a nap while we ate supper, then played with some toys.  I took him out again before bedtime and to my surprise and delight he slept in his crate by my bed all night without ever asking to go out.  Super puppy!

This morning after a stroll and breakfast, I took him with me to do chores.  He settled by my side while I milked goats like he'd done it every morning of his life.

Then we fed the bottle baby kids and the chickens and ducks. He watched me work, following along as I went.

It was fun to have a dog that wanted to follow along while I did my happy morning work.  I think he will grow to be a fine farm companion. Good boy, Bravo!

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