Thursday, May 12, 2016


 This guy.  THIS one. He is coming home with us on Sunday. During this difficult past few weeks, when I didn't feel well after dislocating my shoulder, I have cheered myself with one word. PUPPY!  I nearly told the breeder I was backing out on getting him when I first was injured.  Unable to work, it seemed ridiculous to buy a puppy. But calmer minds prevailed. My sweet husband said, with uncharacteristic firmness, "You are GETTING the puppy."  
I've been in contact with his breeder since before he was even born. She and I were messaging each other on the computer moments before he made an appearance.  He was the 4th puppy delivered, and she told me, "He has an adorable spot on his head." I felt a little shiver when I read the words, "That's my puppy," I thought.  It seemed silly to be swayed by an "adorable spot," and I put the thought out of my head.  When I saw the puppy pictures I liked the body shape and color of one dog in particular.  It turned out to be the one with the spot. 

The breeder and I talked about personality types, and this guy seems to be a middle of the road sort of pup. Not the boldest, not shy.  Very people oriented.  We went to meet him when he was 5 1/2 weeks old. He's an excellent kisser. 

There were several pups to choose from. I had decided to get a male, though in general I prefer girl dogs.  I thought a male would be a better fit with the two females already in residence.  I had three boys and a girl pick from they day we met them.  My eye still kept going back to Mr. "Adorable Spot." There is just something about him.

We will call him Bravo.  I should have a lot of time to play with him and hopefully train him as I recover from my upcoming surgery. Meanwhile, he has been a bright beacon of happiness during a grim time.  Come on, Bravo!  Bring home some happy puppy love and laughter.

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