Thursday, May 5, 2016

Day 5, May in Maine...

Wildlife in Maine are raising young this time of year.  Fox kits are usually born in March or April. The average litter is 5, and both parents help raise them.  They stay in a family group until fall, when they disperse.  It is not unusual for us to see fox in the meadow behind our house, and it always makes me worry a bit, because we have ducks and chickens that range inside our pasture.  Two days ago my husband went out to lock the birds up for the night and a fox trotted boldly towards him.  Then last night my daughter spotted a fox in the same area. We now go out early to keep an eye on the birds until they head for their safe enclosures, where we can lock them up securely. 

Although adult fox only weigh around 12 pounds, they can easily grab a full sized chicken or duck and take it home to feed a hungry family.  In fact, a visitor here today said, "Guess what I saw just up the street?   A fox with a chicken in its mouth!"  I was glad it wasn't one of mine. 

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