Thursday, May 19, 2016

Puppy's first week...

Bravo is settling in so nicely. He has slept through the night 3 out of 4 nights.  One night he did politely wake me at 3:00AM. I took him out, and he had pressing business to attend to.  Then he went right back to sleep in his crate and never made another peep.

So far he has learned to go up and down stairs, how to get into the little pen I put up in the kitchen for him when he is tired (he likes it there, and seems perfectly happy to be alone.) I have switched his diet from kibble to raw and he never missed a beat. This morning he happily polished off a chicken wing, bone and all, and a pile of chopped pork.  For a mid-morning snack he had a little dish of warm goat milk and seemed to think that was quite tasty.  He has learned to wear a collar and is getting the hang of the leash. There has only been one errant puddle on the floor. Not bad for such a young pup!  Introductions to the livestock have been made.

I let him meet some of my favorite customers.
And last night we started puppy school!  He was a super star. He particularly liked playtime. And all the snacks.  But yes, mostly play time.

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