Saturday, May 7, 2016

Day 6, May in Maine...

My husband calls them "the little happy birds."  They are actually Tree Swallows, but I see his point, they do look happy when they flit and swoop through the air.

They like to nest in bluebird boxes.  A whole group of them will fly in and out, investigating the potential nest site to see if it will suit.  They like to add feathers, especially white ones, to their nests, and it is fun to see them snatch feathers right from the air to tuck into the home they are building.  Since I have chickens and ducks here, there are always feathers about, it must be like hitting the jackpot when nesting season arrives.

Tree Swallows tend to come back to Maine from their winter habitat of Florida and Central America rather early... April or May.  Insect eating wonders, they are more than welcome here. I love the expression on this guys face.  He let me approach very closely with my camera, but he was giving me a bit of a stink eye!

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