Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Catching up...

I haven't posted for a few days for various reasons.I keep thinking of topics that I would like to write about, but then I don't have pictures to go with the idea.  Or I have a picture but it's not very good quality. But mostly it's because I am preoccupied. 
A month ago I fell and dislocated my right shoulder.  It was bad enough that every time a nurse or doctor see the x ray for the first time they gasp.  I have been in a sling, learning how to do as much of what I normally do with one hand as possible.  I started physical therapy, and that was great. The ER doctors and everything I read about an injury of this type suggested that after 6 weeks in a sling I'd be in good shape.  Then I had an MRI and learned that the injury damaged much of the internal workings of my shoulder.  The rotator cuff is torn, as is the bicep muscle and a bunch of other internal bits that keep things working.  So, it's off to surgery for me.  I have mixed feelings of despair at the thought of 6 more weeks in a sling, and then feelings of happiness that I will be able to have this repaired and be able to use my arm again.  One of my customers said the best thing today, "After surgery, all you have to do is wake up and heal."  So that will be my  new mantra.  I have seen one surgeon and am seeing a shoulder specialist on Tuesday to get a second opinion.  I hope he will schedule me for surgery very soon so I can get on with the healing! 

So that is my recent distraction. I will try to get back to blogging. Maybe tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.  

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