Wednesday, May 25, 2016


I had a quick overnight visit in Massachusetts at my sister Deb's house.  She delighted me by inviting family over for supper.  All this on a work night, which made it doubly kind.  I got to see two sisters, one brother in law, two nieces, a nephew, and the cutest great niece ever.There was great food and good wine and fun conversation.
Brother in law John manned the grill. 

Deb spread magic, and bubbles...
Bravo had a party playing with Lucy and Zoe.  And toys. And racing about.

Afterwards he fell asleep, hard, with all four feet in the air like a dead roach. Only cuter.

It was good to go home for a night, walk through the familiar woods, look out the windows I looked out of as a child, and spend time with some of my favorite folks.  And my new puppy.

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Crooked Shade Farm said...

Have I told you yet, Daryl, how adorable your new puppy is?