Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Notes from the hen yard...

Last fall I posted about the rooster hadn't planned on.  You can read about it here if you'd like: http://darylconner.blogspot.com/2015/10/congratulations-its-a.html

I have had bad luck with roosters. They are OK for a while, then they decide they want to kill me. I don't appreciate having animals that I feed and shelter trying to poke my eyes out. 

Harrison Ford, though, is different.  A handsome, gentleman rooster.  He does all the good things that roosters do. He calls the hens when he finds a delicious treat for them to eat, he keeps them in a flock to the best of his ability, because there is safety in numbers.  He looks out for predators. In fact, my husband witnessed him in a tussle with a Red Tailed Hawk that came swooping into the pasture, and the rooster won! He is as handsome as they come, and he never so much as casts a questioning eye upon me.  This means he will not be turned into Harrison Ford and rice. 

The hens have matured beautifully, too.
This breed, Light Brahma's, are known to be good layers, even in the winter.  They are large birds, and don't mind cold weather a bit.  They look nice pottering about the pasture, too.
The ladies wear deeply ruffled petticoats. 

The chickens provide excellent insect control. I rarely see a flea or tick on my pets, and for that I give the poultry much credit.  And those eggs... deep yellow yolks, firm whites. Delicious. I delight in giving a dozen to a customer or friend.  They are always a welcome gift.

I'm awfully fond of my chickens. Yes, Harrison Ford rooster, too.

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