Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Greenhouse visitors...

I bought the cutest little greenhouse a while back. I have not really utilized it for a variety of reasons, but I do hope to sprout things in it in the future.  Currently it has a few flower seeds coming up in pots, and some cast off houseplants soaking up the sun. 

Inside the greenhouse, grass and dandelions grow with reckless abandon.  My very practical friend asked, "Why don't you put the rabbits in there?" I wish  my brain worked the way hers does. 24 hours later Mr. Abbot and Costello were ceremoniously packed into a cardboard box and moved to a new temporary location.

It is a warm, sunny, rabbit smorgasbord!

They have reduced the herbage by a lot, and seem to be having a pleasant visit.  I think I will let them spend time here as the weather allows.  They certainly add a dose of charm (and fertilizer!) to the place while they tidy up the footing. Fun and useful bunnies!

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