Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Day 4, May in Maine...

May is baby time.  Local farm pastures are dotted with calves and lambs and piglets.

This afternoon I took a ride with a friend to pick up some baby day-old goslings.  It was a pretty drive through the country, taking us to a little house on a lake.  When we went inside there was a large dog crate with a heat lamp over it.  Inside were 8 or so baby Chinese geese.  Cute little fluffy things with thick legs and long necks.  My friend chose 4 and popped them into the a little cat carrier.  They complained loudly about their change in venue. 

We put them in the car.  My friends dog, Lick, was happy to see them. They made sounds just like squeaky toys.

He curled around the carrier, watching the new additions with great interest.  He will be their guardian, keeping predators away.

There is new life everywhere in May. Perhaps that is why it is one of my favorite months.

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